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Sharing with my department

Today the Secondary LDD team experimented with the the iPads and their apps and shared their findings with each other. The following apps seemed to catch the attention of the team: ‘Show Me’– a useful mini whiteboard app ‘Educreations’- a way to share knowledge with recording and annotations ‘Molecules’- a great way to show 3D […]

Newsround – Broadcasting ASA

I have started an MES Newsround broadcasting ASA.  I would like to incorporate as much technology as possible into this.  The students will use the our Macbooks during the ASA to edit their movie on iMovie.  They will search for music/countdowns online to start their broadcast.  They will include interviews and present news items along […]

Strasberg Tagxedo by a student

Tagxedo and Fakebook by students

I had my IB students create a Fakebook and Tagxedo for the practitioners they are studying at the minute. Their feedback was entirely positive. Tagxedo forced them to refine the words they used and include only essential and definitive descriptions. Fakebook forced them to actually process and consider the research they had done, rather than […] is a website  which help students to comprehend more of what they read ,read faster because their comprehension improves and better formulate their ideas . I use it as a starter for the lesson and  did advice the students to use it at home . Also for each answer they get right,  this website donate 10 grains of rice to the […]


I took a look at Brainpop- an encyclopedia style website with videos, lesson plans and quizzes. It has lots of interactive activities linked with the various topics. Brainpop Junior is more suited to lower primary, there is a video and activities about nouns that I will be using in my lessons next week. Would be […]

go animate

I had a play with this and got a little addicted!  Ive used some simple animation packages before and this beats them all!  Basically, you sign up to get the free version and then you’re taken through some steps to help you get started.  It’s pretty intuitive, certainly well within the grasp of our older primary […]