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Using iPad in Drama for self-evaluation

J.Cole: I’ve started to use the iPads in some Drama lessons when students are preparing their performances (and working towards a final piece). I ask the students to work in groups of four (two pairs together). One pair watches the other pair and gives constructive criticism, but also film the performance for the students. Then […]


Other than the toys and tools I’ve been using stemming from WIRED this year, my personal tech ‘breakthrough’ has been Twitter. Twitter itself is blocked in school, and mobile devices are not allowed to be used, but Twitter is also a phenomenal professional resource. I have been seriously impressed by the amount of discussion, the […]


I would like to start to use Twitter more often.  Scott spoke about how much he learns from fellow teachers which he follows around the world on Twitter.  Comments they make inspire him and give him ideas about how to approach certain topics in his own classes.  I too follow several colleagues and tweeted myself […]