Interactive Presentations!

Teach. Collaborate. Reflect. Progress.

Four simple words that are all encompassing for educators, lesson planning, and student achievement. During our in-service we explored Peardeck and Nearpod as presentation tools. Even though I had experimented with Peardeck and Nearpod previously, I am excited to use both tools in conjunction with Google Classroom. I think it will be very powerful for student progress through immediate feedback through collaboration and formative assessment. And the best part is (drum roll, please!)… I can use what I already have and make it better!



My Peardeck Presentation on Google Slides


Exploring Nearpod Presentations



  1. Thank you for you comments – I am going to use this in the MESsenger article in the teacher feedback portion.

  2. I have successfully used Nearpod inside Google Classroom as the attached link already has the login code. I have mainly used the free version for plenaries. I like how I can pose open-ended questions and students responses will be saved for a later date. I can print out the results/responses as a pdf to show evidence of work in class books.

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