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Using Digitools for revision

TK and I met for the WIRED Hack today and we discussed useful online digital tools to help our students with revision. Using the Schlecty Centre Weebly site, we reviewed together recommended flash card creators, online mind maps and graphic organisers (StudyBlue, StudyStack, Interactive Graphic Organisers) and then added our favourites directly to a Moodle […]

Target Setting Apps

I am keen to find an app/mash up that allows for the setting and tracking of SMART targets over a period of time (e.g. over four years). Rather than just a ‘log’ of targets- I would like it to be interactive and motivational- possibly with the chance to win badges or have some kind of […]


By J. Cole KBl demonstrated to me how to use the ActivSlate and I experimented with it today in my Y8 English class. I used it to annotate a poem with the class on the IWB. I loved the freedom it gave me to be able to move around the classroom and be at the […]

Destiny Quest

By J. Cole I have been experimenting with ways to use Destiny Quest in my English lessons, but believe it could be useful for many secondary subjects.especially if you want students to research a topic. Students login via the Library Catalogue They can then access the Secondary Library, log in, and then access Destiny […]

Top Marks Free Literacy Games

By J. Cole I trialled some literacy games with my Y7 students today using the website Students enjoyed the game play whilst manipulating grammar/spelling etc. Game play was a more fun and engaging way to do it than a traditional SpAG starter activity. Games would probably be popular with primary students.

Bonza Puzzles and Snaptype

By J. Cole I have been Beta testing a new feature on a game that I have been playing a while called Bonza. The new version will be available to all from the 13th May I believe. It’s a great game which is a mix between a crossword and a jigsaw. You are given a […]


By J. Cole I really enjoyed the Minecraft INSET today. From being a complete novice to building a house, I found the tutorial and games prepared by JT to be really helpful in teaching the basics of how to play. I can see how addictive the game could become with so much possibility to build […]