Newsround – Broadcasting ASA

I have started an MES Newsround broadcasting ASA.  I would like to incorporate as much technology as possible into this.  The students will use the our Macbooks during the ASA to edit their movie on iMovie.  They will search for music/countdowns online to start their broadcast.  They will include interviews and present news items along with other features such as strange but true facts, announcements etc…  Does anyone know if we have a teleprompter? If not the students could read prompts from a Powerpoint on a laptop.  I have asked Dodie for ‘Press Passes’ so that the students can have access to tournaments, front row seats during concerts, backstage passes for productions etc..  I am hoping that this press pass will also allow them to use their smart devices (which will be registered by the technicians) during break times for voice recording/filming and taking photos.  I would like some of their broadcasts to feature ‘Chroma Key’.  I believe JT has a green screen but I still need to check whether or not we can have access to it on Wednesdays after school.  Any advice on how to use the Chroma key software would be great as this is new for me.  Once the broadcasts get under way I will need to share what the students have made… I am hoping that the group will produce one broadcast every month or so that could be shown via the homeroom teachers but perhaps we should just get one ready to start with 🙂 .  Any ideas as to the best way to share these broadcasts?  Could we use Moodle or Youtube? If anyone would like to work on this with me, I’d appreciate it.  If anyone has tips or ideas, feel free to comment below or find me…

Thanks, Claire



  1. JT just showed me the green screen in his drama office. The important thing when filming with the green screen is that there are no creased or shadows and that there is an even spread of light on the board. It’s also important to ensure no one will be wearing green as this colour will be removed and replace by the chosen background during the editing. I am not sure if there is a chroma setting on iMovie so I need to check that and downloadable software. JT has an editing software that does this and will show me how it can be used once I provide him with a clip. SM used Chroma Key when filming his Dragon’s Den project so I will ask him where he filmed and will try to get hold of a copy to see the effects he used.

  2. knerskine · · Reply

    For the latest version of iMovie, if you switch on the Advanced Tools from the Preferences you should see the Chromakey options. The rendering might be a little slow but it does work. We will be doing quite a bit of “Green-Screening” for the visual effects for the production this year.

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