Category Week 5 – Making the Most of Moodle

Blendspace and Moodle Forum

In Topic today I asked the students to research and try to compare the famous landmarks from two different countries (Egypt and Canada). On a Blendspace I provided information on the top ten most famous landmarks from these two countries. To access my Blendspaces for English and Topic lessons, Georgina has made links from the […]

Quizzes on Moodle

Today I used Moodle to test what students remembered and understood about their Space and Forces topic. I created a quiz with multiple choice questions; matching exercises; true and false as well as open questions. I couldn’t get the cloze activity to record a mark so I avoided this question. Any open questions require manual […]

Using Moodle to access Blendspace

Today, students in 5 Violet accessed a Blendspace page I created (via Moodle) on why we have seasons on Earth. Thanks to Georgina for creating the link for me from the Moodle KS2 homepage. Students quickly accessed the information with no need for passwords. We were using the web links to make notes in order […]

Using Moodle applications in class to enhance learning

During our Topic lesson on forces, students in 5 Violet looked at pictures of the lesson from the previous day (Investigating friction) that I had posted on Moodle. Students added comments in answer to my reflection questions. I wanted them to be more scientific in their conclusions. So when everybody had posted their ideas we […]

Moodle Glossaries and Quizzes

Building upon the comments of Suzanne and Chantelle, JC decided to look at Socrative as a way to give quizzes to class and then began to compare with Moodle. CW decided to look at the illustrative glossary to see if it would be useful for ESL students. Feedback from Illustrated Glossary The look and layout […]