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More computing tools in Year 5 Violet

Mail – Sam Cole – Outlook Year 5 Violet have been experimenting with new computing tools in the classroom. Firstly, the Primary School Library has followed the lead of the Secondary Library and now has Destiny Quest up and running. Students can access the school library catalogue but with new and exciting features to encourage […]


After today’s WIRED training, I’m inspired to try out some new ideas in my classroom. I like the idea of of using Thinglink – a little like Blendspace – as a curation tool for guiding students research and learning and even as a curation tool for students presentations. I’ve already found a really interesting, pre-created […]

Identifying the features of historical recounts

Identifying the features of historical recounts Today, 5 Violet used the Show Me app to highlight and annotate an example historical recount. Then they compared this recount with The Spanish Armada recount they studied yesterday. At the end of the lesson, students fed back examples of useful historical vocabulary and time connectives/phrases that they could […]

Viking Quest game mashed with Padlet

Today I mashed up playing a Viking Quest game with Padlet. The students played the Viking Quest game and noted any interesting vocabulary on my Padlet page. At the end of the session we looked at the words they had found and their meanings: pillage, marauding, conquer etc. Next, we will use these words when […]


This afternoon, Gerard Lavelle and I led teacher training on the use of iMovie. After filming some footage to work with, participants set about editing their short film. Features of iMovie that were utilized included: altering audio and video (e.g. splitting, trimming and cropping clips); adding effects (e.g. inserting transitions, titles, backgrounds, music and sound […]

Writing historical fiction using iPads

I’ve just had a read of a fantastic blog post outlining a lesson sequence to write historical fiction.  You can read the full article at Although the author did it with Y5 students, the actual lesson sequence could work really well with older year groups.  The key ingredient is a high quality, immersive, environment […]

iCreate G&T ASA, Book Creator and transferring videos via Airdrop

SC and I are running an ASA called iCreate for Gifted and Talented students from Year 6 and Year/Grade 7&8. It’s been popular with almost twenty sign ups and good attendance so far. Students clearly want to engage with the iPads. Last week we used Puppet Pals and Puppet Pals 2 to create animations. The […]