Sharing with my department

Today the Secondary LDD team experimented with the the iPads and their apps and shared their findings with each other.

The following apps seemed to catch the attention of the team:

Show Me’– a useful mini whiteboard app

Educreations’- a way to share knowledge with recording and annotations

Molecules’- a great way to show 3D interactive models

Wooords’- a Literacy game, good for spelling

See Touch Learn’– good for beginners to language, comes with pictures

Doceri’- has lots of sample project templates that can be annotated on

Basic English’– good for ESL vocabulary, organized thematically

SAT Math’– small tests and quizzes, good for practice

For many of the team, it was their first ever time to actually touch and hold an iPad.  I went about this in the way of we all explore and experiment with them together, jotting down any questions we have as we go along. I was nervous about introducing technology that I wasn’t overly confident with myself, but it went well and has made me feel more confident about using them with a class.

I feel we can also all see the potential of the iPads in assisting us with students who have learning needs…from being able to increase the size of something to make it easier to read, to engaging them in games connected to literacy and numeracy.

Things I learnt- have the internet enabled on the iPads as many of the apps need internet access and also find out beforehand if an app requires you to log in and sign up beforehand and if that a communal log in can be used or if it needs to be done individually.

Onwards and upwards!


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  1. joellebugeia · · Reply

    Dear Jenny, I think it is a very good idea particularly with the students who have a learning need. You might find that they are actually more confident in your class as they use a tool which – in a way- make them forget that they have a learning need – as students are generally confident with information technology and games.

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