Monthly Archives: February 2016

Game based learning

By J. Cole In Year 7 English classes, students have been studying Antigone by Sophocles, as part of their Year 7 TOTAL Citizenship Unit. As a final piece of work, I asked students to create a game that linked to the theme of Citizenship. Photos are some of the games they made. Students were able […]

Blendspace in Guided Reading

I’ve been using Blendspace as a tool in Guided reading for the children to select the area in which they would like to advance their own skills or brush up on things they feel they need developing. By giving children the following link and putting them into groups of similar reading ability, I let the […]


Looking forward to our WIRED Hack to extend and share our first opportunities with content curation.  The WIRED Hack will take place on February 28-29, so be sure to sign up on the GoogleDoc and post your findings.  Love to see your feedback and how you have naturally blended the traditional learning experiences with virtual […]

JIGSAW with Blendspace

Following-up from my last Blogpost, we’ve finally had a go at using Blendspace for collaborative JIGSAW learning in a Topic lesson about things that harm plants (6 types of pollution). Check out the Blendspace link: Students were in 4 mixed-ability groups to begin, each given a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. They broke up into […]