Monthly Archives: March 2014

I’ve had a go at making my first Webquest based around The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe for Year 7 students. It’s part of a ballad writing scheme of work. The students read the story and then create their own ballad based on the story. To make it more interactive, I am also […]

Webquests WIRED Hack

JC, CS, SB and SS (English/LDD/Science) met together for the WIRED Hack to review Webquests. This was new to all of us but we found that it has lots of potential. We looked at the resource on We found that it’s important before you start building the Webquest to have a clear idea from […]

Trying The WebQuesting

I think WebQuesting will help students to develop problem solving and decision-making skills. WebQuesting is interesting and motivating to me and I hope for my students too. It develops critical thinking skills and includes a cooperative learning component. Visiting the links the students will start learning as they start searching for information. I started a […]

A New Spin on WebQuesting…

During the month of April, the WIRED Teachers will delve into the topic of WebQuesting and putting a new spin on the potential learning opportunities that an interactive WebQuest would provide. The teachers will focus on making the learning journeys both interactive and fun. Attached you will find the document with the links, a video […]