Monthly Archives: December 2015

WIRED HACK (17.12.15)

Katherine, Kelsey, and Georgina took a look at EduCanon and EdPuzzle in this morning’s WIRED Hack at (, EduCanon – You can create a class and download videos to your content, to use in a lesson. Students get a code to join the session invite on their iPADs, etc. It’s interactive, you can prep the […]

HACK Dec. 13-17

This week the WIRED Teachers group are exploring how to use some trending applications like EduCanon or EdPuzzle. HACK groups may also wish to explore more thoroughly how to use multiple overlays on a trigger image in Aurasma to create a more interactive Aura.  Check out the tutorials that are available online and when you […]

Purple Mash

This week I used Purple Mash ( to allow the children to experiment with handling data in a more child-friendly way. Purple Mash is an award-winning website from the UK that allows children to practise skills and enhance their knowledge in fun and creative ways. There is the opportunity for children to select a topic […]

Aurasma Update from HACK 3.12.15

By J. Cole Today I managed to check to see if my created Aurasma worked via the school iPads (as I can’t install yet on my own iPad as need the ios9 update). Had a few issues with wifi causing the Auras to be slow loading but got there in the end with DB’s support. […]

WIRED HACK (03.12.15)

Chris, Sam, Katherine, and Georgina met for our WIRED HACK re:Touchcast. Sam had a go at making his first one, takes practise and need to have your lesson plan and vAPP links ready before recording so that you can add them during the recording. Unable to go back and edit the recorded video to add […]


I have been playing around with Touchcast regularly since our hack for when Cath showed us I was very impressed.  As I shared before, when I was trying to make my own Touchcasts I noticed that using the software requires a fast computer and a good internet connection.  Because both are lacking in my situation […]