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Resources Brochure (Immersive worlds)

During the hack today, I investigated ‘immersive worlds’ for the resources brochure. I found some websites with access to virtual worlds that are recommended as suitable for education. Not surprisingly, Minecraft and Second Life were in the top 5. Look at the following links:     Advertisements

Classroom Management with ClassDojo

This year I started using ClassDojo in HR. ClassDojo is a great classroom management tool based on a ‘behaviors and skills’ point system. Every morning I project students’ points on an interactive whiteboard so that my students can monitor their progress and receive immediate feedback. To encourage positive behaviors, I created ClassDojo rewards for specific […]

Viking Quest game mashed with Padlet

Today I mashed up playing a Viking Quest game with Padlet. The students played the Viking Quest game and noted any interesting vocabulary on my Padlet page. At the end of the session we looked at the words they had found and their meanings: pillage, marauding, conquer etc. Next, we will use these words when […]

WIRED 2015 – 16

This year I have trialled many ideas from WIRED to inspire and engage students in the classroom. Firstly, during Year 5s ‘Space’ topic alongside our writing ‘Stories with Suspense and Cliffhangers’ unit; I showed the opening sequence from the film Gravity as a hook for writing. Utlising EdPuzzle, I stopped the clip at certain moments, […]

Edmodo in Year 2

This term in Year 2 we have begun to use Edmodo to share ideas. The children are MASSIVELY excited!! The pilot has coincided with our Junk Modelling project. As a result, the students have a whole class group to contribute ideas, and a smaller group within that where the children have space to share ideas […]

WIRED Session – May 8th

Mark your calendars everyone for May 8th for our joint session using Minecraft.  We will be taking a deep dive into the world of Minecraft EDU and examining the how-to’s to Minecraft and also the implications for classrooms across campus.  We will continue to examine student engagement and using Minecraft to design authentic learning experiences […]

The Future of Education

I have posted for table discussion in your HRT meetings, your departmental meetings, or for your PLN in Edmodo.  If you are not already on board with us, this is an invitation to join and tell us what you think.   The theme of our 4th discussion is about the future of education, the skills […]