Snappy Words

I have put a link to Snappy Words on my Year 10 Moodle page. We had a look at it in class today. the students were very taken with it and we discussed how much more depth they can bring to their writing by using it. They did describe the process it goes through in building itself up as “it’s having babies!” – which is actually a fair description of what it looks like. Anyway – some quotes from the class:

  • It is new and appealing to our age
  • It is colourful
  • …lots of information.
  • …gives us ideas.
  • …helps increase our vocabulary.
  • It’s going to revolutionize my English!
  • We didn’t know we were called “Cairenes”.

I will get more feedback from them once they have actually tried to use it when writing an essay after the holiday.


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