Monthly Archives: June 2016

WIRED 2015 – 16

This year I have trialled many ideas from WIRED to inspire and engage students in the classroom. Firstly, during Year 5s ‘Space’ topic alongside our writing ‘Stories with Suspense and Cliffhangers’ unit; I showed the opening sequence from the film Gravity as a hook for writing. Utlising EdPuzzle, I stopped the clip at certain moments, […]

Minecraft as inspiration for writing

In English lessons, 5 Violet have been studying the narrative poem: The Highwayman. After Miss Therese introduced the poem by dressing up as the highwayman and leading the students on a detective hunt to understand the difficult vocabulary; the class then set about learning the poem through drama and text mapping. Next the pupils were […]

Top Marks Free Literacy Games

By J. Cole I trialled some literacy games with my Y7 students today using the website Students enjoyed the game play whilst manipulating grammar/spelling etc. Game play was a more fun and engaging way to do it than a traditional SpAG starter activity. Games would probably be popular with primary students.

Edmodo in Year 2

This term in Year 2 we have begun to use Edmodo to share ideas. The children are MASSIVELY excited!! The pilot has coincided with our Junk Modelling project. As a result, the students have a whole class group to contribute ideas, and a smaller group within that where the children have space to share ideas […]

Minecraft article

A long, but excellent article about how teachers use Minecraft in their lessons. MindShift article