Monthly Archives: February 2014

Writing historical fiction using iPads

I’ve just had a read of a fantastic blog post outlining a lesson sequence to write historical fiction.  You can read the full article at Although the author did it with Y5 students, the actual lesson sequence could work really well with older year groups.  The key ingredient is a high quality, immersive, environment […]

Glogster French Year 9 class

We just have finished our glogs.  My French Year 9 students enjoyed them and I think they did really well! What a great way to memorise a topic or just to learn it! or even, to learn to research for vocabulary and expressions…. Joelle.  

iCreate G&T ASA, Book Creator and transferring videos via Airdrop

SC and I are running an ASA called iCreate for Gifted and Talented students from Year 6 and Year/Grade 7&8. It’s been popular with almost twenty sign ups and good attendance so far. Students clearly want to engage with the iPads. Last week we used Puppet Pals and Puppet Pals 2 to create animations. The […]


This month we’ve been using Glogster to explore opportunities to create interactive posters.  The ability to combine different forms of media on a single display is really appealing.  Glogster itself has a range of publicly Glogs that enable you to see what’s possible by combining video, images and other embed-able content. I’m going to get […]

Using the MAP score

Hi, At the moment I am working on how we can use the MAP results to help our students.  For each student taking the reading test, a lexile range is given.  These results can be found in LDD department.  You can then use the conversion table to find the text level that relates to that […]