Category Week 1 – Enhancing Literacy

Using Puppet Pals for Talk for Writing

This week in 5 Violet we used the Puppet Pals apps (Puppet Pals 2 and Puppet Pals HD) on the KS2 iPads for the imitation phase of ‘Talk for Writing’. After story mapping a model story from another culture, the students knew the tale well enough to retell it and create a puppet show. All […]

More computing tools in Year 5 Violet

Mail – Sam Cole – Outlook Year 5 Violet have been experimenting with new computing tools in the classroom. Firstly, the Primary School Library has followed the lead of the Secondary Library and now has Destiny Quest up and running. Students can access the school library catalogue but with new and exciting features to encourage […]

Identifying the features of historical recounts

Identifying the features of historical recounts Today, 5 Violet used the Show Me app to highlight and annotate an example historical recount. Then they compared this recount with The Spanish Armada recount they studied yesterday. At the end of the lesson, students fed back examples of useful historical vocabulary and time connectives/phrases that they could […]

Viking Quest game mashed with Padlet

Today I mashed up playing a Viking Quest game with Padlet. The students played the Viking Quest game and noted any interesting vocabulary on my Padlet page. At the end of the session we looked at the words they had found and their meanings: pillage, marauding, conquer etc. Next, we will use these words when […]

Admongo…teaching Media Literacy in KS3 English!

By J. Cole At last I think I have found a platform game that helps students meet the Learning Objectives of what I need to teach, (Media Literacy through understanding advertising and how students are targeted), whilst all being fun and engaging! I want the students to understand: – how they are targeted – where […]

QR Codes, Scavenger Hunt, Literacy and Numeracy Games, How to be an Editor/Reporter, Mindmapping, Lego and LDD

Questions I have following today’s hack… Are QR code readers already installed on school set of iPads? Is there an up to date list of apps currently installed on school set of iPads that can be accessed at any time by staff? Things I learnt today: Students don’t need phones or their own iPads to […] Literacy Games I’ve been looking at this website. It seems at first quite primary focused…very colourful and it lists up to Grade 5. However, looking at it again closely, I have found that many of the short, fun activity games could be useful to students who need to review grammatical concepts e.g. antonyms and synonyms, or […]