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WIRED 2015 – 16

This year I have trialled many ideas from WIRED to inspire and engage students in the classroom. Firstly, during Year 5s ‘Space’ topic alongside our writing ‘Stories with Suspense and Cliffhangers’ unit; I showed the opening sequence from the film Gravity as a hook for writing. Utlising EdPuzzle, I stopped the clip at certain moments, […]

The Future of Education

I have posted for table discussion in your HRT meetings, your departmental meetings, or for your PLN in Edmodo.  If you are not already on board with us, this is an invitation to join and tell us what you think.   The theme of our 4th discussion is about the future of education, the skills […]

Blendspace and EdPuzzle WIRED Hack

Georgina and I worked together during this morning’s WIRED Hack to explore Blendspace, EdPuzzle,, and Clipix. We shared the resources that we had created while comparing similar resources to identify the ones that might be most beneficial within our specific classrooms. Notes from Kelsey: While I had utilized Blendspace as a review tool in […]

Curation versus Collecting – a collection of tools

During the WIRED meeting for January 2016, we will look at what it means to curate versus collect resources.  The BlendSpace [QR Code] is full of resources about not only what it means to curate, but also the tools available for FREE to all teachers in order to make this a reality.  Check out our […]

WIRED HACK (17.12.15)

Katherine, Kelsey, and Georgina took a look at EduCanon and EdPuzzle in this morning’s WIRED Hack at (, EduCanon – You can create a class and download videos to your content, to use in a lesson. Students get a code to join the session invite on their iPADs, etc. It’s interactive, you can prep the […]

HACK Dec. 13-17

This week the WIRED Teachers group are exploring how to use some trending applications like EduCanon or EdPuzzle. HACK groups may also wish to explore more thoroughly how to use multiple overlays on a trigger image in Aurasma to create a more interactive Aura.  Check out the tutorials that are available online and when you […]