Monthly Archives: March 2015

QR-Coding in PRIMARY

Finally had the chance to trial QR-Code learning with my Year 2’s today – BRILLIANT! We are finishing off our Term 2 Topic for “Amazing Asia” this week. I Google’d Trivia Quizzes for kids on the Asian countries studied in our Year Group, and created a QR Code for each one. Printed, and posted them […]

Admongo…teaching Media Literacy in KS3 English!

By J. Cole At last I think I have found a platform game that helps students meet the Learning Objectives of what I need to teach, (Media Literacy through understanding advertising and how students are targeted), whilst all being fun and engaging! I want the students to understand: – how they are targeted – where […]

Gaming List

I am currently compiling a list of educational games and categorizing them according to age level, type of game [RPG, Immersive Experience, short term game design, etc.] as well as the intended content.  I think this will be helpful for all staff when selecting games to use in the class room and it can narrow […]

QR Code Generator w/URL Shortening An alternative QR Code Generator that was passed on by a colleague in CPD on Tuesday. This contains an option for URL shortening in the Matrix, so an easy one-stop-shop for generating your codes. Looking forward to generating some “Daily Door Challenges”, rewards system, and Entry Point to our Term 3 topic…

QR Codes, Scavenger Hunt, Literacy and Numeracy Games, How to be an Editor/Reporter, Mindmapping, Lego and LDD

Questions I have following today’s hack… Are QR code readers already installed on school set of iPads? Is there an up to date list of apps currently installed on school set of iPads that can be accessed at any time by staff? Things I learnt today: Students don’t need phones or their own iPads to […]


This week I have trialled Plickers with my Year 7 class. Plickers is a formative assessment tool and based upon the principles of QR codes. By handing out unique qr codes to all students (downloaded for free on the website) I can assess and record their understanding of a particular topic by scanning the answers […]

QR codes and maths

I see myself using QR codes in the future where I will direct (struggling) students to one of my YouTube videos with further instructions.  These QR codes they can then glue in their notebooks next to the question which it refers to for future reference.