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Padlet, Puppet pals and Tellagami

I tried again these different activities at home. I am really excited because they are going to be so handy in my classes in our language classes. Padlet is going to be fantastic for example when students need to do a brainstorming or balance pros and cons of an argument In year/grade 11et 12. Tellagami […]

WIRED Hack – Week 2

During this Hack session I worked with Lori and Madalina and we spent our time learning the short-cuts to the iPad, how to take pictures and video, Puppet Pals, Tellagami, and Book Creator. What was nice is that Jonathan was teaching two other staff members who are in their departments Padlet and Explain Everything. Then […]

My first experience of the iPads in the classroom with students!

My first experience of the iPads in the classroom with students! Today I used the iPads for the very first time with students! It was my Year 7 English class. I was starting a new topic of superheroes/narrative writing and decided to use Padlet as a starter activity where each student could add who was […]

Padlet, Puppet Pals and Tellegami

This morning, Joelle and I looked at Padlet, Puppet Pals and Tellegami. Padlet is good because you can also access it on your PC and set up a wall for students to work on prior to the lesson. We discussed that the wall could make good starters and plenaries and allows for students to […]

Apple Training Nov 19; Upcoming Hack

The WIRED training will take place today [Nov 19].  The trained staff will support the other WIRED teachers during the following week during the WIRED Hack.  If you were not trained, you will get a link to a google doc asked you to sign up during your planning time from Nov. 24-27.  You need to […]

Padlet In the Apple iPad training we looked at Padlet. This app allows teachers to create a wall where all the students can write their response from their iPads which are then able to be seen on the teachers wall. It allows for whole class interaction and response to a question or an idea. Could […]