Monthly Archives: December 2014

PowToon in Practice

Today during the OPC meeting, I used PowToon to show how you can use a different presentation method to convey information.  It is my goal during staff meetings to showcase a variety of tools so that staff can see them in action.  PowToon has some limitations as it is still in beta-testing. It is also […]

My first blog/widget

I just imported my first widget on my Moodle of a daily quote.  Was unable to customize it like I wanted for some reason, but none the less, it’s on there.  This is also my first ever blog!

RSS Feed Inspiration This page provides you with many sites whose RSS Feed you can add to your own site.  Those sites are also nicely categorized so you should be able to find something interesting for your subject area relatively quickly.  Once you have found a title you are interested in, click on the orange ‘XML’ which […]

Widgets on Moodle – Games

There are some really nice widgets on: In a matter of minutes you can create a Pacman game for instance.  You first type your own questions (or use the one they have made already for you.  Most of those pre-made questions are history related though).  These questions will appear during the game which is […]