Monthly Archives: April 2014

Moodle Glossaries and Quizzes

Building upon the comments of Suzanne and Chantelle, JC decided to look at Socrative as a way to give quizzes to class and then began to compare with Moodle. CW decided to look at the illustrative glossary to see if it would be useful for ESL students. Feedback from Illustrated Glossary The look and layout […]

Moodle Wired Hack

In our hack Chantelle and I explored the following Moodle Tools: Illustrative Glossaries, Moodle Groups and Moodle Offline Quiz Editor .   We began with Glossaries and found that it is time consuming and not aesthetically pleasing.  Chantelle created a short glossary in Year 9/ Biology/Unit 6. We feel the Glossary function doesn’t stimulate active […]