Monthly Archives: February 2015

Coding using Scratch

This is worth a look. I have just tried the pre-sign-up cat dance tutorial – very simple to do. More investigation is needed but I was wondering if the students were able to design games themselves… This is the Mindshift article about it: Advertisements

Interesting expansion of the GBL idea We are starting to look at cross-curricular projects and this article ties that idea in with our GBL work.

GBL from the students’ perspective

I came across this great description of GBL from a student’s perspective on Mindshift

Looking for technology ideas to support students with Learning Exceptionalities

As the British Section Learning Development Coordinator, I have to put together ideas of apps/programs/technology that can help the students who are supported by the department along with the American Section Coordinator. If anyone has any suggestions or come across any ideas of useful technologies to look into…please let me know!

PowToon KS1

Well despite sandstorms, power cuts, and a slow network on power cut reboot, we actually manage to get logged-in and pick our themed background for our first PowToon today in ICT! Year 2 students had been learning to follow and write-up a set of instructions in curriculum diversity this week, so along with photos taken […]

The Greeks!

I have just started creating a city-state on a free strategy game called Grepolis. My experiment is to have my Grade 11 Theatre students start playing it together, building their own cities. Once they have them up and running we will approach the text of Antigone, Oedipus Rex or another Ancient Greek play. Having done […]

Virtual Tours

Due to the fact that we are in Egypt, it can be difficult to share artifacts or organise trips that relate to topics we’re teaching. Why not organise a ‘Virtual Tour?’ Check out this website for ideas: or just search via Google for ‘virtual museum tours.’ I tested out the V & A Childhood Museum at and […]