Monthly Archives: October 2015

New features added to Nearpod

There are more and more interactive lessons on Nearpod and they are constantly making updates.  Here are a few of the newest features that have been added.  Export Nearpods as PDF’s, Fill in the blanks game play (the students can drag and drop words and find out which ones are correct or incorrect), Screenshots can […]

WIRED Hack October 2015- Touch Cast, Aurasma, Minecraft

GD introduced us to TouchCast- we’ve seen a demonstrating video of what it is and been able to create teacher accounts. TouchCast is an exciting immersive and interactive experiential video creation website. JC introduced Aurasma- an augmented reality app which links the physical world to the virtual world for our students. JT has demonstrated how Minecraft is […]

Aurasma- augmented reality app

By J. Cole Aurasma is an Augmented Reality technology available on an app for iOS and it allows you to set what is know as a ‘Trigger’ which can be an image, a picture or a physical object. When you point your phone or iPad at that trigger an ‘aura’ appears on your screen. A […]