go animate

I had a play with this and got a little addicted!  Ive used some simple animation packages before and this beats them all!  Basically, you sign up to get the free version and then you’re taken through some steps to help you get started.  It’s pretty intuitive, certainly well within the grasp of our older primary children.  You make professional looking animation films using stock characters and actions, expressions etc. and add music.  But the best feature is that you can add dialogue.  You type in what you want the characters to say and when and then choose the voice.  So the possibilities for literacy are endless.  In primary, children could animate a known story or one they’ve created.  They could create a short animation to sell a product or even make a simple animation to learn a spelling pattern.  The drawback is the time is takes.  It took me a good 30 minutes to make a 30 second clip; clearly I was learning as I went and kids are often more adept at learning from doing, but they’d need several sessions in primary to make something worthwhile.  Older children may well only need an hour to animate a scene or poem. This is the link to my short film:

drum and dance


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  1. jencolemes · · Reply

    Is this an app or a website? Would it be suitable for use on an iPad or better on a PC?

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