By J. Cole I have been experimenting with ways to use Destiny Quest in my English lessons, but believe it could be useful for many secondary subjects.especially if you want students to research a topic. Students login via the Library Catalogue They can then access the Secondary Library, log in, and then access Destiny […]

This year I have trialled many ideas from WIRED to inspire and engage students in the classroom. Firstly, during Year 5s ‘Space’ topic alongside our writing ‘Stories with Suspense and Cliffhangers’ unit; I showed the opening sequence from the film Gravity as a hook for writing. Utlising EdPuzzle, I stopped the clip at certain moments, […]

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In English lessons, 5 Violet have been studying the narrative poem: The Highwayman. After Miss Therese introduced the poem by dressing up as the highwayman and leading the students on a detective hunt to understand the difficult vocabulary; the class then set about learning the poem through drama and text mapping. Next the pupils were […]

By J. Cole I trialled some literacy games with my Y7 students today using the website Students enjoyed the game play whilst manipulating grammar/spelling etc. Game play was a more fun and engaging way to do it than a traditional SpAG starter activity. Games would probably be popular with primary students.

This term in Year 2 we have begun to use Edmodo to share ideas. The children are MASSIVELY excited!! The pilot has coincided with our Junk Modelling project. As a result, the students have a whole class group to contribute ideas, and a smaller group within that where the children have space to share ideas […]

A long, but excellent article about how teachers use Minecraft in their lessons. MindShift article

Building Mesopotamia

In 2011 Minecraft was released to the world. Minecraft is a game in which players must gather resources in a three dimensional, virtual world, in order to build shelters, farm crops and, ultimately, survive. As more and more people played the game, educators recognized the enormous educational potential of it. One particular group formed a […]