Building Mesopotamia

In 2011 Minecraft was released to the world. Minecraft is a game in which players must gather resources in a three dimensional, virtual world, in order to build shelters, farm crops and, ultimately, survive. As more and more people played the game, educators recognized the enormous educational potential of it. One particular group formed a […]

minecraft logo

A roaring 7yr-old crowd pleaser was my announcement that kicked off this morning’s computing lesson: “We’ll be building a creative setting for our english stories, by building gingerbread houses with Minecraft today!” Best HOOK of the Term yet, lol! Currently studying materials in Science, traditional stories in English, and coding in Computing…there was no question […]

By J. Cole I have been Beta testing a new feature on a game that I have been playing a while called Bonza. The new version will be available to all from the 13th May I believe. It’s a great game which is a mix between a crossword and a jigsaw. You are given a […]

Buying bread at the Boulangerie

By J. Cole I really enjoyed the Minecraft INSET today. From being a complete novice to building a house, I found the tutorial and games prepared by JT to be really helpful in teaching the basics of how to play. I can see how addictive the game could become with so much possibility to build […]


Mark your calendars everyone for May 8th for our joint session using Minecraft.  We will be taking a deep dive into the world of Minecraft EDU and examining the how-to’s to Minecraft and also the implications for classrooms across campus.  We will continue to examine student engagement and using Minecraft to design authentic learning experiences […]

By J. Cole Yesterday MH and I led an INSET about differentiation. Below are some of the main points shared in our handout. If you’d like a copy (with pictures and QR codes), let me know. It went well and participants gave positive feedback. It was great to see so many tweeting via #mescpdchat especially […]

This afternoon, Gerard Lavelle and I led teacher training on the use of iMovie. After filming some footage to work with, participants set about editing their short film. Features of iMovie that were utilized included: altering audio and video (e.g. splitting, trimming and cropping clips); adding effects (e.g. inserting transitions, titles, backgrounds, music and sound […]


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