During the hack today, I investigated ‘immersive worlds’ for the resources brochure. I found some websites with access to virtual worlds that are recommended as suitable for education. Not surprisingly, Minecraft and Second Life were in the top 5. Look at the following links: https://www.kitely.com/ https://www.activeworlds.com/web/index.php http://www.simonastick.com/     Advertisements

Welcome to the week of the HACK.  Please make sure you are categorizing your posts so they are easier to find.  Looking forward to seeing how you are or will be using the Khan in your classes.  Had an opportunity to sit with Sam during his HACK session.  Loved seeing the screenshots with his ideas. […]

I used my hack time to sign up to Khan Academy, create my classes and explore the content. I was allowed to import classes from Google Classroom but it said I had 0 students: I believe that the students have to accept my invitation via email. I will need to look into this further. I […]

An interesting article that explains WHY what we are doing is so important to the students. What should I teach my children to prepare them to race with the robots?

Teach. Collaborate. Reflect. Progress. Four simple words that are all encompassing for educators, lesson planning, and student achievement. During our in-service we explored Peardeck and Nearpod as presentation tools. Even though I had experimented with Peardeck and Nearpod previously, I am excited to use both tools in conjunction with Google Classroom. I think it will […]

Wow! Watching my class work on collaborative poetry presentations using Google Slides is amazing! Love that I can see exactly who did what and when, that they can access it in school and at home and that I can actually see the process as it happens. I am a convert!

Really great article on lesson designs that embrace the use of the fidget spinner.  Read all about it and check out the lesson at the bottom of the page. http://denissheeran.com/fidgetlessons/