By J. Cole Fantastic resource found by TK in the Secondary LDD department. Its an easy to use storyboard creator and has many existing storyboards which are extremely useful. Especially when teaching/learning about a text. In Year 8 we are studying The Giver by Lois Lowry and I have found a selection of great […]

J.Cole: I’ve started to use the iPads in some Drama lessons when students are preparing their performances (and working towards a final piece). I ask the students to work in groups of four (two pairs together). One pair watches the other pair and gives constructive criticism, but also film the performance for the students. Then […]

My Year 6 class had fun using the Green Screen app on the ipads to record their own news broadcasts, yesterday. This was the culmination of 2 weeks work: researching news stories from California, learning how to write news scripts and present a broadcast successfully. Children worked in groups of four to present and once […]

Finally had the chance to trial QR-Code learning with my Year 2’s today – BRILLIANT! We are finishing off our Term 2 Topic for “Amazing Asia” this week. I Google’d Trivia Quizzes for kids on the Asian countries studied in our Year Group, and created a QR Code for each one. Printed, and posted them […]


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