Following-up from my last Blogpost, we’ve finally had a go at using Blendspace for collaborative JIGSAW learning in a Topic lesson about things that harm plants (6 types of pollution). Check out the Blendspace link: Students were in 4 mixed-ability groups to begin, each given a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. They broke up into […]

Nearpod has updated its site to include a memory game, and field trip.  Field trip allows students to look at a picture of watch a video with a 360 degree view.  This puts them in control of looking all around the image or video to gain another perspective or understanding.  It’s fun and interactive for […]

Year 2’s are studying plants in Science this Term. Started building 2 or 4 clipboards with curated images of flowers from different continents on, for my lower ability students. The next will be a a collection of short videos with more advanced continental flower content, for my middle ability students. Finally, will be a […]

blendspace curation

During the WIRED meeting for January 2016, we will look at what it means to curate versus collect resources.  The BlendSpace [QR Code] is full of resources about not only what it means to curate, but also the tools available for FREE to all teachers in order to make this a reality.  Check out our […]


There is a lot of chatter on the MinecraftEdu forums today after the announcement that Microsoft have bought the game. They are releasing an “Education Edition” this summer. MinecraftEdu will still work, which is good because the Microsoft edition will be missing some of the best features AND it will be more expensive. It all […]

Katherine, Kelsey, and Georgina took a look at EduCanon and EdPuzzle in this morning’s WIRED Hack at (, EduCanon – You can create a class and download videos to your content, to use in a lesson. Students get a code to join the session invite on their iPADs, etc. It’s interactive, you can prep the […]


This week the WIRED Teachers group are exploring how to use some trending applications like EduCanon or EdPuzzle. HACK groups may also wish to explore more thoroughly how to use multiple overlays on a trigger image in Aurasma to create a more interactive Aura.  Check out the tutorials that are available online and when you […]


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