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After today’s WIRED training, I’m inspired to try out some new ideas in my classroom. I like the idea of of using Thinglink – a little like Blendspace – as a curation tool for guiding students research and learning and even as a curation tool for students presentations. I’ve already found a really interesting, pre-created […]


ThingLink: The Digital Poster

Today, it was very exciting to experiment with ThingLink and then compare it to Canva in its uses and capabilities. While I have had students reflect on their literature using Storyboardthat, HaikuDeck, Prezi, Weebly,EdPuzzle, and various other websites, the idea of providing students with the opportunity to organically embed external resources, as well as their […]

Identifying the features of historical recounts

Identifying the features of historical recounts Today, 5 Violet used the Show Me app to highlight and annotate an example historical recount. Then they compared this recount with The Spanish Armada recount they studied yesterday. At the end of the lesson, students fed back examples of useful historical vocabulary and time connectives/phrases that they could […]


October 30, 2016 WIRED Meeting – Mashups

We are looking forward to our first WIRED inservice of the new academic year with all the new staff.  We have a great agenda in store for you looking at the R [Redefinition] of the SAMR model and how to use Mashups to create amazing products for our students and how our students can use […]

Blendspace for historical research

Students used a Blendspace page that I created to access different content (videos, games, websites and images) to research about the Viking raid of Lindisfarne in 793BCE. Students had the choice of which content to use to help them write their speech about the events of that day. One link was of the Padlet page the students […]


By J. Cole KBl demonstrated to me how to use the ActivSlate and I experimented with it today in my Y8 English class. I used it to annotate a poem with the class on the IWB. I loved the freedom it gave me to be able to move around the classroom and be at the […]

Viking Quest game mashed with Padlet

Today I mashed up playing a Viking Quest game with Padlet. The students played the Viking Quest game and noted any interesting vocabulary on my Padlet page. At the end of the session we looked at the words they had found and their meanings: pillage, marauding, conquer etc. Next, we will use these words when […]