Glogster French Year 9 class

Mon voyage  Lana and DorisWe just have finished our glogs.  My French Year 9 students enjoyed them and I think they did really well! What a great way to memorise a topic or just to learn it! or even, to learn to research for vocabulary and expressions….


Partir en voyage: c'est super!

Partir en voyage: c’est super!




  1. Did they do them at home or in school?

  2. Did you use the app on the iPad or on student laptops?

  3. joellebugeia · · Reply

    They did them at school during two teaching periods. They practically finished them at school. They finalised them at home. They did use their own laptops which I had asked them to bring.

  4. joellebugeia · · Reply

    Just want to add that my students and I had problems to get this Glogster website to work well particularly at the beginning. Things were taking ages to load. We had to wait ….Some students clicked on ‘Remove’ in the windows appearing and that seemed to help.

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