iCreate G&T ASA, Book Creator and transferring videos via Airdrop

SC and I are running an ASA called iCreate for Gifted and Talented students from Year 6 and Year/Grade 7&8. It’s been popular with almost twenty sign ups and good attendance so far. Students clearly want to engage with the iPads.

Last week we used Puppet Pals and Puppet Pals 2 to create animations. The students loved it and were extremely engaged. Most wrote fun scripts and used their voices creatively to create their characters. Puppet Pals 2 has added locations and characters included a scene of the Pyramids and Shakespeare and Abe Lincoln as characters.

This week we trialled Book Creator. The app comes with a simple and straightforward tutorial and students were directed to follow the tutorial and then help each other solve any issues with each other. They then created a book on the theme of their choice, saving images from the internet and adding their own words.

The students coped well with this and needed minimum teacher input to problem solve and create their own books.

However, the following issues emerged.

Book Creator only allows you, with the free version, to create one book. As a school, that means that once the app has been used on the iPad, it can’t be used again. You can’t delete a previous book, only edit over the top of it, which means that any work that the students do, is at risk of being lost. Therefore we need to find another free version of a Book Creator to use to create books on the iPads. Any suggestions?

For a following club, we’d like to experiment with the students making and editing short videos. I can’t see a video maker currently installed on the iPads, does anyone have any suggestions of a good free option that I can request to be installed?

Outside of the ASA, today I requested six iPads to have students film each other during a Speaking and Listening assessment, where students performed scenes from A Midsummer Nights Dream. This went really well. It focused the students to listen whilst others were performing as they knew it was being filmed. It then allowed the students instant feedback on their own performances, as they could watch to see how they had done. This was excellent for self evaluation. Students picked up straight away what their targets were… E.g. Didn’t speak clearly enough, back to audience, lack of facial expressions etc, as well as see what they did well e.g made the audience laugh, good pronunciation etc.

I decided to use Air Drop to try and transfer some their videos onto my personal iPad which I can then use a wire with to transfer to my laptop. This way I could share the videos with colleagues via the shared drive, as well as take them all from being on six different iPads to one Central place. I doubt I will be doing that again! It took over an hour to airdrop, my iPad would only accept one or two videos at a time. This was massively time consuming. It would be much easier and quicker if there was just a wire from the iPad mini that could then transfer across to the laptop. It seems such a shame that students are making this material and then it can’t be used again without difficulty of accessing. Any ideas for solutions to this? Could a future hack be centred on the question of how to solve the issue of sharing content off of the iPad minis?

Finally. I requested the Glogster app onto the iPads and it has been installed. However, it crashes if you try to access the features beyond scrolling at examples of other Glogs that other students have made. This might be fixed in a future app update. For now, it is best to use the laptops for Glogster.


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  1. It may be best to download an air server to your laptop and then project to the promethean board in that manner. After everyone has given different things a try, we will get together to discuss the best way to drop assignments in our infrastructure. There have been varying degrees of success. I will look at the Glogster app and see at what capacity the iPads are at. May be a bug that needs fixed.

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