I am keen to find an app/mash up that allows for the setting and tracking of SMART targets over a period of time (e.g. over four years). Rather than just a ‘log’ of targets- I would like it to be interactive and motivational- possibly with the chance to win badges or have some kind of […]

Today I used Moodle to test what students remembered and understood about their Space and Forces topic. I created a quiz with multiple choice questions; matching exercises; true and false as well as open questions. I couldn’t get the cloze activity to record a mark so I avoided this question. Any open questions require manual […]

After learning about Thinglink, I decided to trial it in my classroom.  In FS1 the children are at the very beginning stage of their technological learning so I wanted something they could use with little to no adult input. The children also have short attention spans at this age so Thinglink was perfect in that it was something […]

To share the knowledge of The Wired training with my LDD colleagues, I app smashed Canva and Thinglink. To stir up their interest, create choice, and differentiate for multiple skill levels and subject areas of LD department, I have created a ThingLink “LDD Web Resources” https://www.thinglink.com/scene/862706497958707200. My aim was to engage the team, differentiate the […]

Today, students in 5 Violet accessed a Blendspace page I created (via Moodle) on why we have seasons on Earth. Thanks to Georgina for creating the link for me from the Moodle KS2 homepage. Students quickly accessed the information with no need for passwords. We were using the web links to make notes in order […]

Out with the old and in with the new (except when the old maintains its usefulness)! While I have only recently discovered ThingLink and am utilizing it to facilitate student choice and engagement, I continue to see the positive effects of Weebly and its effectiveness in supporting student motivation, engagement, background knowledge, inquiry, and analysis.   […]

During our Topic lesson on forces, students in 5 Violet looked at pictures of the lesson from the previous day (Investigating friction) that I had posted on Moodle. Students added comments in answer to my reflection questions. I wanted them to be more scientific in their conclusions. So when everybody had posted their ideas we […]