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Mash-up HACK (16th May)

Sam and I shared how our students are currently mashing-up their app classwork on the iPADs. Reviewed use of show me, lino board, visualize, and skitch. We also practiced air dropping work back and forth between ipads, macbooks, and iphones. Their are multiple advantages for students resourcefully completing their learning objectives on the iPADs, rather […]

WIRED HACK (21st Nov.16)

A full house at today’s WIRED Hack, with input from Alex, Sarah, Taher, Sam C., Jenny, Dan, and Georgina. We chose to hack our writing app mash-ups, targeting our whole school writing focus. Alex shared his student’s use of Seesaw as a self-assessment and collaborative sharing tool used digitally to engage speaking and writing. We […]

Year 2’s Minecraft Gingerbread Houses!

A roaring 7yr-old crowd pleaser was my announcement that kicked off this morning’s computing lesson: “We’ll be building a creative setting for our english stories, by building gingerbread houses with Minecraft today!” Best HOOK of the Term yet, lol! Currently studying materials in Science, traditional stories in English, and coding in Computing…there was no question […]

Blendspace and EdPuzzle WIRED Hack

Georgina and I worked together during this morning’s WIRED Hack to explore Blendspace, EdPuzzle,, and Clipix. We shared the resources that we had created while comparing similar resources to identify the ones that might be most beneficial within our specific classrooms. Notes from Kelsey: While I had utilized Blendspace as a review tool in […]

JIGSAW with Blendspace

Following-up from my last Blogpost, we’ve finally had a go at using Blendspace for collaborative JIGSAW learning in a Topic lesson about things that harm plants (6 types of pollution). Check out the Blendspace link: Students were in 4 mixed-ability groups to begin, each given a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. They broke up into […]

Jigsaw using Blendspace

Year 2’s are studying plants in Science this Term. Started building 2 or 4 clipboards with curated images of flowers from different continents on, for my lower ability students. The next will be a a collection of short videos with more advanced continental flower content, for my middle ability students. Finally, will be a […]

WIRED HACK (17.12.15)

Katherine, Kelsey, and Georgina took a look at EduCanon and EdPuzzle in this morning’s WIRED Hack at (, EduCanon – You can create a class and download videos to your content, to use in a lesson. Students get a code to join the session invite on their iPADs, etc. It’s interactive, you can prep the […]