Using Digitools for revision

TK and I met for the WIRED Hack today and we discussed useful online digital tools to help our students with revision.

Using the Schlecty Centre Weebly site, we reviewed together recommended flash card creators, online mind maps and graphic organisers (StudyBlue, StudyStack, Interactive Graphic Organisers) and then added our favourites directly to a Moodle page that is going to be used to support Y7/Y8 students in their EOY exams.

TK shared that she has been using Quizlet Live as an interactive study tool in American Section English lessons alongside SSn. Benefits include that it promotes collaborative learning and is a great tool for quizzes and revision.

Another resource shared was Peergrade . Students evaluate each others assignments and develop critical thinking.

We realized that adding groups of students on Moodle has changed to how we remember so we contacted SCaswell to refresh our memories.



  1. Hi Jenny, Would you (or whoever the admin is for this page) please remove me from the list? I keep getting these updates. Thanks. -Christian

    1. Have forwarded your message to the Admin as I do not have Admin rights.

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