WIRED Thursday – Googling it up

Today we will be focusing on the Google Classroom.  We are excited to learn, more in-depth, the possibilities to make our classrooms more interactive.  Don’t forget to write about your experiences and link your favorites WIRED Team! Check out the Google Pinterest board that has many Google applications for the classroom.

Happy Thursday everyone!



  1. I like the idea of the cloud base storage and ability to collaborate easily. Already I am using the benefit of shared documents between many members in a team; its good to see what can be added to that. The capacity of the G Suite to make things efficient impresses me for speed and functionality. I liked the tips about creating labels and folders from the beginning to ensure future organisation. I am keen to trial the Google Forms feature with my classes- this could be a gentle way to ease me into getting more familiar with what is possible. Especially with the Flubaroo add on- allowing for increased ways to grade quickly certain types of question/work. For Google Classroom, it seems easy to differentiate who gets which assignment and how to keep a track of it. As I become more familiar with Excel, I will also try and see if I can create some shared sheets. Thanks for the clear guidance and training today TN!

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