Blendspace and Moodle Forum

In Topic today I asked the students to research and try to compare the famous landmarks from two different countries (Egypt and Canada). On a Blendspace I provided information on the top ten most famous landmarks from these two countries. To access my Blendspaces for English and Topic lessons, Georgina has made links from the etools on the KS2 Moodle Homepage. I asked the class to report their findings and comparisons to me via a forum housed in Moodle. As evdience of their work for their books, I took a screen shot of all the students posts and printed them out.




  1. Superb mash-up of e-skills through our VLE Sam, keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Well done – I am featuring your mashup in the Messenger Article!

  3. Sam Cole · · Reply

    Great! I look forward to seeing it!

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