Classroom Management with ClassDojo

This year I started using ClassDojo in HR. ClassDojo is a great classroom management tool based on a ‘behaviors and skills’ point system. Every morning I project students’ points on an interactive whiteboard so that my students can monitor their progress and receive immediate feedback. To encourage positive behaviors, I created ClassDojo rewards for specific behaviors, study skills, and achievements in HR, and it works magic with challenging students. I customized Dojo points to match the specific needs of my HR students, for example, I award 5 Dojo points for ‘Amazing Planner’ to boost the effective use of the student planner.


The most remarkable thing about ClassDojo is that it generates HR progress reports. I use them for parent-teacher conferences to communicate student progress in HR. ClassDojo reports are organized in a pie chart. They are visual and self-explanatory.


I also use ClassDojo to set up groups for HRCF collaborative activities. I award group points to motivate teamwork. The random feature of ClassDojo selects a lucky student who gets 1 Dojo point at the end of every week.  ClassDojo allows me to gamify my classroom management system and build a positive Homeroom culture.


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