Target Setting Apps

I am keen to find an app/mash up that allows for the setting and tracking of SMART targets over a period of time (e.g. over four years).

Rather than just a ‘log’ of targets- I would like it to be interactive and motivational- possibly with the chance to win badges or have some kind of visual incentive. Perhaps have the feature to break down a larger goal into smaller chunks.

Today we looked at recommended apps from the following website suggestions:

Some apps, such as Joe’s Goals, are quite simple and free to use. They may suit more short term goals like behaviour targets. Toodledo is more of a productivity app which allows for To Do list type goals. Lifetick was my favourite option, but the free version only allows for a max of four goals and the paid version was prohibitively expensive- $300 US per month for a license of 100 teachers and 500 students.

I will continue to see what I can find. I am keen to avoid something as simple as a spreadsheet to tracking as I would like the power to motivate and give incentive to keep a tracking and making progress over time.


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