Thinglink in FS1

After learning about Thinglink, I decided to trial it in my classroom.  In FS1 the children are at the very beginning stage of their technological learning so I wanted something they could use with little to no adult input. The children also have short attention spans at this age so Thinglink was perfect in that it was something that I could leave on the board during free flow play. Another plus is that it gives the children a selection of activities to choose from in a range of learning areas.

I initially showed my class how to use it on the IWB and they were eager to try it for themselves. Most children quickly worked out how to select an activity. Some children also knew how to expand a video so they could view it in full screen mode when watching on YouTube.


As Thinglink proved to be easy to use, I decided to show the rest of the FS1 team. They were also very impressed with this and we decided to work in pairs to create images for our new topic on animals. We then shared the link so that we could all access them. All classes have now trialled this with positive results. Some classes have used them as lesson inputs and others have used them in free flow play. We are going to use Thinglink as a regular feature of our topic planning.

img_09531 IMG_0952[1].JPG

Some FS2 teachers also came to the technological discussion on the last CPD day, facilitated by myself and Sam and were also impressed with Thinglink. They were excited to create their own images during the session and share them with the rest of their team.



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  1. It’s great how you have been able to adapt it to the Foundation Stage!

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