ThingLink and Weebly: Interactive Literary Analysis

Out with the old and in with the new (except when the old maintains its usefulness)!

While I have only recently discovered ThingLink and am utilizing it to facilitate student choice and engagement, I continue to see the positive effects of Weebly and its effectiveness in supporting student motivation, engagement, background knowledge, inquiry, and analysis.   Through the implementation of choice and multi-modal activities, students feel challenged and therefore motivated. Additionally, the task is differentiated for varied academic levels of understanding. Students who are higher achieving have greater opportunities for varied types of thinking and methods of problem solving that promote inquiry, abstraction, categorization, differentiating between relevant and irrelevant information, drawing conclusions/ justifying solutions, creating, and designing. These ideas are illustrated in the links below from two of my students. The student who created the ThingLink focus on essentially creating a visual representation of an essay about The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. The student whose Weebly link I have included has a homepage, and her main focus was reflection, analysis, and significance of quotations within The Crucible by Arthur Miller.Check it out!



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  1. I absolutely agree about Weebly! I set my students a task of making an advert for ‘Sploosh’ which is an imaginary item from the novel Holes. I gave students the choice of making a print media advert or video. Several students voluntarily asked if they could also design a website for their product and three groups made their own website, as well as either print ad or video. I was amazed at how they wanted to develop the work past the initial expectations.

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