Using Moodle applications in class to enhance learning

During our Topic lesson on forces, students in 5 Violet looked at pictures of the lesson from the previous day (Investigating friction) that I had posted on Moodle. Students added comments in answer to my reflection questions. I wanted them to be more scientific in their conclusions. So when everybody had posted their ideas we looked at the most scientific comments. They used these ideas to uplevel their work in their Topic books.

Next, I created a forum to prepare for the next lesson on air resistance. I asked what the students knew about this force. Some students decided to write what they knew; some searched online and wrote down what they found out in their own words; others posted links to useful and reliable websites; some even posted diagrams and video links. Next lesson, we will refer to the best posts to help us investigate air resistance.



  1. Really interesting to see how you are using Moodle. I’ve never used the ‘forum’ before.

  2. It’s very simple too!

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