After today’s WIRED training, I’m inspired to try out some new ideas in my classroom. I like the idea of of using Thinglink – a little like Blendspace – as a curation tool for guiding students research and learning and even as a curation tool for students presentations. I’ve already found a really interesting, pre-created Thinglink poster on Space Debris that I can recreate myself and add my own ideas to. For our next topic on Space, the students are going to watch the opening scene from the film Gravity as their hook. I will then allow students to access a Space Debris Thinglink to investigate this idea more. Then I’m going to get the students to repond with a paragraph of descriptive writing.

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  1. Great idea Sam. May I come and see that part of that lesson… would love to see it in action.

  2. Of course! It will be next week.

  3. Great stuff Sam! I’m interested in sending my Digital Leaders from Y2/Y3 upstairs to join this lesson, maybe paired up with some of your students, so that they can learn how ThingLink works, to better support lower KS2/1 – would you be up for cross-KS work? 😀

  4. Sam Cole · · Reply

    Of course!Or, my digital student could come down and teach it to your leaders when he’s had a practice??

  5. Well done with the implementation – we may need to borrow some of your digital leaders…:)

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