Destiny Quest

By J. Cole

I have been experimenting with ways to use Destiny Quest in my English lessons, but believe it could be useful for many secondary subjects.especially if you want students to research a topic.


Students login via the Library Catalogue

They can then access the Secondary Library, log in, and then access Destiny Quest.

It allows students to create their own personalized ‘Book Bag’ of books they have read, are currently reading and want to read. Some of this is an improved feature from last year.

They are able to write reviews on the books they have read which are moderated by the Librarian. I like that this links into the ‘Authenticity’ aspect of Design Qualities as their reviews are actually read by their peers from the school community- anyone else who takes a look at that book can see the reviews.

They are able to seek recommendations of books that they would like to read next based on their liking other similar books. I like that it is linked in to our actual school catalogue, so students can see books that they can actually get from our library.

Other benefits include that they are able to put books on hold, see if a book is available etc and that they can access it from home. There is a sense of achievement for the students to visually see how many books they have read throughout the year.

Using Destiny Quest avoids students not knowing what to read next. It also expands their reading horizons and helps them to find other authors they may like. It is naturally differentiated as they generate the content that they enjoy.

I am trying to link it into a structured part of our weekly lessons this year so that rather than it be a resource that we use occasionally, it is an integral part of our reading and research lessons.


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