WIRED 2015 – 16

This year I have trialled many ideas from WIRED to inspire and engage students in the classroom.

Firstly, during Year 5s ‘Space’ topic alongside our writing ‘Stories with Suspense and Cliffhangers’ unit; I showed the opening sequence from the film Gravity as a hook for writing. Utlising EdPuzzle, I stopped the clip at certain moments, posing questions about the suspense techniques being used. I like the fact that the students have to be more active in observing the film in order to respond to the questions correctly and I will being using EdPuzzle in my class again next year.

In Year 5, we have also been trialling the use of Blendspace in the last half of the year as an access point for homework tasks. I like the fact that you can add different types of media such as: weblinks, images, video and text as well as saving on paper! Some pupils attempted to use Blendspace for curating a comparison study of two contrasting geographical locations. Unfortunately, not all students saw this through and elected to use Powtoons for their project instead. Next year, I would like to promote the use of Blendspace in class time more, for example, for Guided Reading activities or as a tool for directed research.

Lastly, as inspiration for writing, my class enjoyed travelling back in time to the 18th Century in the world of Minecraft. I have never seen a class so excited! It proved how neo-millenial learners are fully engaged when accessing game-based learning. After much talk-for-writing linked to the narrative poem ‘The Highwayman’, I used this experience to get the students to write a short burst of poetry.

This year I’ve enjoyed the experience of working with other teachers outside of WIRED. For example, I trained a colleague who wasn’t confident with Blendspace as well as co-leading an iMovie teacher training session.

I look forward to more exciting developments as part of the WIRED team next year and the opportunity to share with others in my team.



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