Year 2’s Minecraft Gingerbread Houses!

A roaring 7yr-old crowd pleaser was my announcement that kicked off this morning’s computing lesson: “We’ll be building a creative setting for our english stories, by building gingerbread houses with Minecraft today!” Best HOOK of the Term yet, lol!

Currently studying materials in Science, traditional stories in English, and coding in Computing…there was no question about it, Minecraft took care of the cross-curricular needs this Term! Students were able how to make educated choices on which materials being mined and used to build Gingerbread Houses, as well as discuss their choices scientifically. They were also able to create real-live settings that they could write about in their traditional story writing, having authentic 3D imagery to inspire creative writing.

With a show of hands, I was able to send my high ability students, which ended up being the group leaders, off to start mining the Year 2 Blue’s Forest World. 5min teacher facilitation on the Interactive Whiteboard, to teach remaining students how to use the keyboard/mouse to navigate their 1st person character inside the world. Once all students were sitting at PC’s in their Teams, recall on the importance of collaboration and teamwork to build their gingerbread houses. Excited conversations started to fill the room as other entered the world, they retrieved their lost teammates, and after crafting new mining tools. Although we didn’t have time to complete our gingerbread houses in a 45min lesson, we have lots left to mine, craft, and build, for the next lesson!Mine2.JPG

Students were able to do investigate and create in a collaborative way, talking verbally to each other within their Teams, as well as through Minecraft’s blog tool. Look how focused they are on being caring and motivational.Mine1.jpgCommunicating, critically thinking and sharing ideas and resources, as well as resolving obstacles as a Team..what better way to challenge students intrinsically, than with a learning tool that they’re already passionate about! Mine3.JPG


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