By J. Cole

I really enjoyed the Minecraft INSET today. From being a complete novice to building a house, I found the tutorial and games prepared by JT to be really helpful in teaching the basics of how to play. I can see how addictive the game could become with so much possibility to build and create!

I liked the way that you can alter the game to adjust the level of challenge. I definitely enjoyed the game more in creative mode when there were no zombies to avoid, but can appreciate that the students may enjoy the challenge that comes with survival mode.

I thought one of the main benefits of the game is that the ‘fear of failure’ is removed when creating. If you make a mistake, you can just delete the block you made and change it. I think this could of real learning value to the students because they can create with the freedom to make changes as they need. Linking back to Design Qualities, the game ‘protects from adverse consequences for initial failures.’

As an English teacher, I like the idea that we can recreate the worlds or scenes from the books and plays that we study. I would like the possibility for my students to do a ‘virtual field trip’ to somewhere like Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre as well.

Thank you JT for a great INSET!


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