Bonza Puzzles and Snaptype

By J. Cole

I have been Beta testing a new feature on a game that I have been playing a while called Bonza. The new version will be available to all from the 13th May I believe. It’s a great game which is a mix between a crossword and a jigsaw. You are given a theme and then have to piece together the answers. The new feature is that now there is the possibility to create games yourself, which is perfect for us as teachers. In the new version, we can make games for our students on any topic. A personalised code is generated for your puzzle that can be shared via social media (Twitter, Facebook etc) and then entered into the game to play. Below is an example of one that I created on Shakespeare.

Bonza Puzzles

The second app I would like to share is SnapType. It is a free app which I have had installed on the Secondary iPads, but it can also be used in primary. It is an Occupational Therapy App which allows students/teachers to take a photo of any worksheet and then through the app, you can make it editable using the keyboard feature, so that students can type on the worksheet, rather than hand write. Very useful for students with dyslexia or dysgraphia. Their work can then be shared with the teacher.


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