Differentiation Using Instructional Technology CPD

By J. Cole

Yesterday MH and I led an INSET about differentiation. Below are some of the main points shared in our handout. If you’d like a copy (with pictures and QR codes), let me know. It went well and participants gave positive feedback.

It was great to see so many tweeting via #mescpdchat especially most of the LDD dept!

Questions they had:

  1. How to embed a Blendspace into Moodle?
  2. Can Instagram be used as a department to share with students e.g. PE sharing fixtures etc.

Some of the feedback we received:

Some of the content from our session (actual handout includes QR codes):

  • Customise your handouts and presentations with easy to read fonts. “Good fonts for dyslexia are Helvetica, Courier, Arial, Verdana and CMU. Also, sans serif, monospaced, and roman font types increased significantly the reading performance, while italic fonts decreased reading performance. In particular, Arial It. Should be avoided.”*
  • Let students take photos of the notes from class.

Could be notes written on the board or exemplar notes from a peer/partner. Email, print or share via Moodle.

photos of class notes

  • Use Snipping Tool to take screen shots to share. Could be from a presentation or annotation. Email, print or share via Moodle.

Snipping tool exemplar

  • Use the accessibility features of the iPad



ios accessibilty features

  • Use graphic organisers to help students scaffold and visualize their ideas


  • Customise your Moodle page to include support and advice plus extension. Take a look at ‘Learning Hub Moodle’ page which supports all students and ‘Aiming High Moodle’ which is for our students enrolled on the Gifted and Talented Programme


  • Students can independently create a personalised reading list:

Students can locate books at the MES Cairo Library Catalogue


For help choosing books, students can use Destiny Quest


  • Offer links to broaden the knowledge around a subject for example:

Also consider links to virtual museums and galleries linked to your subject. Link to TED talks for kids.

http://edition.cnn.com/studentnews and http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround

Make a free revision timetable, flashcards and study tools from getrevising.co.uk! Also can help organizing assignments. Other good sites are https://www.mystudylife.com/ and http://revisionworld.com/create-revision-timetable

Literacy Games (fun ways to improve literacy- provide links via your Moodle page)

Maths Games

Behaviour Resources


 Follow other teachers for inspiring ideas using a PLN (Personal Learning Network) g. Twitter. Follow @JColeTEACHER , @mrguineyhistory, @ExplainingMaths as examples from our school. Or follow these great Special Education accounts given here for inspiration in your Twitter newsfeed: http://phdinspecialeducation.com/special-needs-twitter-accounts/

Ideas on how to build your twitter network http://www.creativeeducation.co.uk/blog/building-your-twitter-network/

More reading for ideas:




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