The Future of Education

I have posted for table discussion in your HRT meetings, your departmental meetings, or for your PLN in Edmodo.  If you are not already on board with us, this is an invitation to join and tell us what you think.   The theme of our 4th discussion is about the future of education, the skills the students need, and types of instructional models that exist. Here are the 3 articles of for discussion for the next two months. These also feed into our staff development session on Tuesday and the staff development that relates to engaging the millennial thinker.  The articles that have been posted are as follows:
The Future of Education, Paying Attention to What Really Matters for Lifelong Learning, and an article about blended learning versus hybrid learning called Is K-12 Blended Learning Disruptive [as in a disruptive innovation].  The group code to join our staff development is as follows:  k2mk52.  We would love to have you.   All of the articles relate to student engagement and the type of work we assign and the pedagogical understanding that is woven into this thinking.  This directly relates to our staff development sessions that many of you are hosting today.  Look forward to seeing your feedback from your sessions here.



  1. Please can you repost the link for the Future of Education? It’s a broken link.

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