This afternoon, Gerard Lavelle and I led teacher training on the use of iMovie. After filming some footage to work with, participants set about editing their short film. Features of iMovie that were utilized included: altering audio and video (e.g. splitting, trimming and cropping clips); adding effects (e.g. inserting transitions, titles, backgrounds, music and sound effects, Ken Burns effect, side by side etc.); as well as working with chroma key images on green screen. Feedback was positive about how staff could utilise iMovie in their teaching:

“I will be making a promotional video for a House Talent Competition.”

“I will be teaching Grade 8 iMovie.”

“Very interesting and practical!”

“Very informative and great fun! The students could create their own book reviews in my English classes.”

“Good for instruction and for learning.”

In line with WIRED’s focus on curation in the classroom, iMovie is a great tool for the students to utilise in this respect.




  1. Well done! Glad it was well received! So many possibilities with the green screen. I was supporting a class recently where they were making adverts and the difference iMovie made with the green screen was incredible. They can make really professional looking videos!

  2. Excellent you guys!

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