Blendspace and EdPuzzle WIRED Hack

Georgina and I worked together during this morning’s WIRED Hack to explore Blendspace, EdPuzzle,, and Clipix. We shared the resources that we had created while comparing similar resources to identify the ones that might be most beneficial within our specific classrooms.

Notes from Kelsey: While I had utilized Blendspace as a review tool in my teaching last year, I am now exploring the use of it as a tool to activate prior schema and develop background knowledge for different literary sources. My focus right now is to utilize BlendSpace with The Great Gatsby. I am going to introduce the tool through a “Gallery Walk” style lesson using Blend Space, and then students will become curators through the creation of their own BlendSpace. I’m working along a similar trajectory with EdPuzzle, as well.  All of my students have been introduced to EdPuzzle as an activation tool in their learning to develop background knowledge, identify the context within our novel of study, and to further activate prior schema. The students have included feedback that EdPuzzle facilitates their own metacognition and self-monitoring of their personal learning. My next step is to have them also become curators of the source and utilize it as a tool to demonstrate their analysis and understanding.

Notes from Georgina: This is Georgina’s 3rd Blendspace lesson with Year 2. This blendspace is much bigger, looking at the 7 NEW/Modern/Natural/Ancient Wonders of the World in Topic. It is set-up by topic, but links used are arranged by ability groups, so students have flexibility of their learning, choosing from a a variety of links embedded in Blenspace, to complete their collaborative learning. 

Together, we also looked at the curation tool today. It’s a collaborative resourcing tool when APPs are categorised together into teaching themes. It’s almost set-up like the APP Store, where the icon for the APP is displayed, including price, as well as screen shots for APP-in-use, and a brief outline. The easy thing about this, is that teachers don’t actually have to complete searches, because it’s all curated together for you, including into Grade categories. 

 Kelsey’s Blendspace Link:

Kelsey’s EdPuzzle:

FullSizeRender 114.jpg



  1. Thanks Georgina and Kelsey! I read your blog about Blendspace and Edpuzzle. I have created a Blendspace homework page for Year 5 to access their homework. The children go to the Year 5 Teacherweb, Homework Page and simply click on the following link. Each week I’m adding a new homework task that is a different type of content. The pupils in my class are expected to complete the work to help them in a lesson the following week. Here is the link:

    I like the idea of the students curating their own Blendspace. In Year 5, we are about to embark on a study of two contrasting geographical locations and I would like the pupils to create a project on Blendspace. They could even create their own Edpuzzle videos. I’m now going to start curating my own page to show as an example to my class.

    1. I like that you included a pre-topic quiz on your Blendspace and that your homework is displayed. You could also add another link as an optional extension to extend your more able learners too. I like how you are modelling the use of Blendspace to the students before they start their own.

      1. Thanks for the comment Jenny, excellent ideas also!

    2. Really exciting updates in Year 5 Sam – how did it all go?

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