Looking forward to our WIRED Hack to extend and share our first opportunities with content curation.  The WIRED Hack will take place on February 28-29, so be sure to sign up on the GoogleDoc and post your findings.  Love to see your feedback and how you have naturally blended the traditional learning experiences with virtual opportunities for students.  Include any of the other tools you may have used.  I love Blendspace, but we have so many others that can be used as well.  See you there!



  1. I’ve signed up on the blog. My hours overlap the schedule due to IEP meetings, but hope to spend some decent time on the Hack

  2. I spent some time experimenting with Blendspace today. Made a start on three possible blendspaces to use with students and staff. The first was about Ballads, which will be my new unit of learning in English. The second was a Gifted and Talented extension space to use with my G&T ASA. The third was for teachers, which has ideas of how to differentiate and extend for G&T students. I enjoy the visual layout of the space and that we are able to adapt it via colour, annotation etc. I think this would appeal to the audience. There are ample resources to choose from- however, I can see the importance of careful curation. It’s too easy to place unmeaningful or inappropriate content on the blendspace- so its important to ensure that there is quality over quantity.

  3. I agree it is important to curate resources properly. There is a risk to too quickly choose for less effective resources due to the amount of resources available. But once you have initially invested time to choose the right resources you can use that for a long time. so it is definitely worth the time at the beginning.

    Nice to see you are using it with colleagues too. Let me know where I can find the links to your Blendspaces and I will have a look at them.

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