JIGSAW with Blendspace

Following-up from my last Blogpost, we’ve finally had a go at using Blendspace for collaborative JIGSAW learning in a Topic lesson about things that harm plants (6 types of pollution). Check out the Blendspace link: https://www.tes.com/lessons/_Ft_1eWVriggOA/types-of-pollution.




Students were in 4 mixed-ability groups to begin, each given a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. They broke up into 6 groups of different pieces of pollution, in ABILITY groups. Blendspace allowed me to group a variety of different resources and learning strategies (i.e. text, images, video) together into ONE PLACE for each student to have a learning experience that meets their specific needs, while being authentic enough that they are engaged and enjoying the learning. Using iPADs and headphones, students have 40min to research the variety of resources on Blendspace, and keep notes on their jigsaw piece. There were 2 CHALLENGE squares at the bottom, for anyone who finished their type of pollution research early: How does Wi-Fi harm plant growth? What are the effects of Cellular Usage on plant growth? – My High Ability students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge pieces, Yasseen even screenshot one of the articles he found, to present off the teacher’s iPAD through AirServe. Students who finished early were then able to take initiative to you http://www.kidrex.org to investigate other things that may be harmful to plant growth. Students then regrouped back into their original Science Teams to teach each other. Less than 5% teacher-talk, +95% STUDENT-TALK, YAY!

Wi-Fi signal was strong enough to support 13 iPADs active and running smoothly on Blendspace. Students enjoyed being able to scroll through the spaces to look for their particular topic. Engagement was 100%. I had created an edited EdPuzzle video for one of the spaces, but when students clicked on it, it required my login – so will have to re-look at that space to adjust. There was another space where the article I had linked from http://www.google.co.uk, had no longer been available, so note-to-self to remember to check links the morning of! Although this didn’t happen in my blendspace lesson, note-to-self to also be aware that the Firewall may block something you’ve added to Blendspace at home, so always test at school first.

Very exciting times in Y2 Primary. Our Year Group will be using in Maths next week, looking forward to looking at that progress as well.


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  1. From Ron Wright:
    It’s also a wonderful example of seamless technology because you have the digital and non-digital work all blended together. Shows what can happen when teachers are given the time to design engaging work.

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